Venmo App Review

How to unfreeze Venmo account?

You can deactivate your account by transferring funds, replying to the account deactivation email sent by Venmo, and calling Venmo support through the app. Let’s see how you can do these things to freeze your Venmo account instantly. 

You must use a debit card or pay through your bank to receive the refund, and keep in mind that transactions take several days to process. The email that Venmo issued you telling you that your account has been cancelled can also be replied to. If you use the Venmo app on your phone, follow these steps to contact the Venmo support team.  

  • Open the Venmo app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Tap the Get Help option. 
  • Click contact us as shown below.
  • Click “Chat with us” under “Connect to person.”

How do I know if my Venmo account is frozen?

Venmo is a popular mobile payment service owned by PayPal. Venmo account users can easily transfer money to others through the Android/iOS mobile app. Still, it is limited to the US region only. 

Now, if you have been using Venmo for a while and use the Venmo app for all important or large payments most of the time, you should check your account status. Some Venmo account users report that their account has been disabled and can’t tell if it’s temporary or permanent. If your Venmo account is disabled, contact the Venmo support team immediately. 

Since it is impossible to deactivate a unfreeze Venmo account, only the support team can help you eliminate this problem. So, if your Venmo account is temporarily inactive, you can easily restore the account by paying the debt. You will have to pay the fee directly from your bank, and the process can take up to two working days. So you are good to go.

But if your Venmo account has been permanently disabled, the decision is entirely up to the Venmo support team.

How long does it take to unfreeze Venmo account?

It depends on the reason for deactivating your account. If it’s disabled due to a failed transaction, you can disable it in minutes by paying with a debit card. However, if you opt for a bank transfer instead of a debit card, you’ll need to wait 2-5 business days.

Your Venmo frozen account due to suspicious activity or breaching one of Venmo’s user agreement terms. In that case, you’ll have to wait until the people at Venmo investigate the cause.


Generally, the “how to unfreeze my venmo account” Venmo frozen account can be disabled for two reasons: failed transactions and violations of the Venmo User Agreement.

If the transaction fails, all you have to do to freeze your Venmo account is pay back the money you owe. If you use a debit card, your account will be up and running in minutes. Otherwise, if you pay by bank transfer, you will have to wait for the payment, which can take 2-5 working days. Suppose there is a violation of the user agreement. In that case, you should contact Venmo customer service to find out how to unfreeze Venmo account.

How to delete a frozen Venmo account?

To get started, you’ll need to use your laptop or PC to delete your frozen Venmo account. Also, this is not done if you have current or money transactions on the account. So here are the steps you need to keep your money.

  • Log in to your Venmo account
  • Click “You
  • Tap the “Add or Transfer” button
  • Enter the amount you want to change (total balance)
  • Click “1-3 working days” for free or click “instantly” with a small
  • Choose a bank account you want to change your funds
  • Tap the Transmission Buttons to check the movement

After transferring money, you can delete your bill, choose an immediate option or wait for two days. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Sign in to your Venmo account
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the bottom of the page.
  • Tap Close My Venmo Account.
  • Tap Next.
  • On this page, under the “Next” button, you can download a copy of the transaction history. 

After downloading and clicking Next, Venmo will send you to a final page to confirm that you want to delete your account. If you’re sure, click Close Account and wait for the goodbye email.


How long does it take to unfreeze Venmo account?

Venmo will freeze your account within about 2-3 business days. Venmo reserves the right to hold funds in a user's account for 180 days to prevent potential liability or in cases where the user violates the Acceptable Use Policy.

Why is my venmo account frozen?

Venmo blocks your account until you decide to take action. If you do not have sufficient funds in your Venmo account or have a negative balance, your account will be frozen until you pay the money owed to you.

How to Get Money Out of Frozen Venmo Account?

You cannot withdraw money from a deactivated Venmo account unless you first deactivate your account.

How Do I Get My Venmo Account Back?

While using a debit card to pay off debt is a quick way to get your Venmo account up and running. You can also use your bank to pay, but note that the transaction may take a few days. 

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